We have continued adding Rebel classmates who have passed away, if we have missed someone, please contact us with their information. With your help, we can keep this page current. If you have their obituary please include it, we would like to continue updating our Reunion Book as well.

We have learned some good news that that Richard Dyer is still alive and kicking, so we have removed him from the list below although we are not able to remove him from the video. It is always a thrill to know one of our fellow rebels do not belong on this list!!

Tascosa High School Class of 1967 Memorial
(Does not include classmates who have past since the reunion)

Linda Adkins

Melvin Allen

Ann Allred

Dale Amerson

Paula Andrews

Bob Autrey

Sharon Bailey

Lee Ann Baker

Forrest Baldwin

Bonnie Ballard

Dana Barnett

Patricia Barrett

Ralph Birdwell

Mike Bland

Paula Bland

John Bloomshield

Melinda Bordelon

Sandra Bradshaw

Cynthia Bray

Gaylan Brown

Kim Bundy

Noel Bunion

Carol Butler

Betty Calvert

Joe Cayton

Carolyn Cline

Linda Cunningham

Roy Daugherty

Sam Davis

Gary Denson

Tommy Dickinson

Diane Duncan

Carolyn Dyer

Roy Eastland

Linda Evans

Fred Ferguson

Judith Fidler

Clay Garrett

John Glaze

Mary Glenn

Tom Glover

Jack Glover

Stormy Greef

Michelle Hadley

Randy Hager

Kenneth Hedger

Gary Hill

Don Horton

Brian Hyde

Patricia Johnson

Bruce Jones

Robert Jones

Danny Lester

Robert Lindsley

Brenda McCracken

James Mabry

Judy Malone

Dan Mauldin

Larry Mendez

Karen Mernitz

Bill Merritt

Joe Mixon

George Monken

Rhonda Moon

Mark Morrow

Ronnie Morrow

Mike Noblitt

Janet Noe

Eddie Norman

Danny Packard

David Parr

Mary Pittman

Brenda Ray

Ron Redus

Becky Richardson

Joe Richmond

Larry Richmond

J.J. Roach

Sarah Donn Royer

Jon Salmon

John Sampson

Janet Scivally

Don Snelleman

Chad Spears

Judy Stanley

Chad Tarpley

Artie Thomas

Monty Townsend

Vicki Turner

Thomas Tuttle

Kenneth Vantine

Jim Walker

Tony Wilkins

Kitty Williams